-15% – delicious Easter prices only in April

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Very soon Easter will come – one of the most prominent Christian holidays, which is associated with God’s grace, spring, light and comfort. And, of course, with the custom to exchange pleasant presents: Easter eggs and Easter bread. Construction company “Vertical” also could not stay away from the holiday and prepared for you their gifts – only in April, the price of apartments in the “Mistechko Manufactura” is reduced by 15%. Such a delicious offer was not long ago!

“Mistechko Manufactura” is a place where you can live and create, combining unconnected, opening daily new bright spots of your life. This is a comfortable place for unusual and creative people who demand the same uniqueness and creativity from their home. It is here that comes inspiration and new ideas are born. Well, of course, the “Mistechko Manufactura” – is ideal not only for the creators, but also for their families, because it is:

– A comfortable location is only 10 minutes from the city center
– closed courtyards for the safety of the inhabitants
– Built-in garages and guest parking for free from the car territory
– stylized children’s playgrounds for the entertainment and development of small unhurried
– Own land plots, on which you can both watch the stars of a warm summer night, and to have breakfast all the family outdoors.

Join the cell of genuine artists in theMistechko Manufactura!
Visit our sales departments at the addresses of the street. Dudayev, 31 and the street. Ivasyuka, 82.
Or call the numbers:
/ 050 / 313-07-10
/ 067 / 313-07-10

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