About complex

Mistechko Manufactura

Created by the touch of the master

Inspiration for the master is his own experience and vision, and when it touches the material, it begins to change it — there is a new form of being.

As with the confidence of our masters, a project appeared a residential complex that will become your home.

Advantages of the Complex

Convenient transport interchange

Developed infrastructure

Exquisite facades from the capital of Denmark

Cozy yard for rest

Filling the apartment on comfort class

Built-in garages

Вигідні умови на старті продаж

Apartment for growth. Installments for three years!

Master Plan

  1. Designed house №1
  2. Designed house №2
  3. Places for children
  4. Green plantations
  5. Parking places
  6. Closed courtyard


Filling the apartment

Gas turbokotel

Reliable entrance doors


Energy-saving windows and stained-glass windows

All networks are listed

All meters are installed

Plaster of walls «under the lighthouses»

High-speed elevator for 1,000 kg

Heater of the house is 10 cm

Dynamics of construction